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Repotting ? When ?

Hello everyone, I got my first bonsai and he is really beautiful, I do not want to let him dye because I didn´t know I had to repot it, please can any one let me know when and how I need to do so, Thanks a lot !!!!!!

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Don't rush into anything I doubt your tree is in any immediate danger from being pot-bound. You have not given us much information to go on. For instance, what species is it, have you been keeping it inside or outside? What is the weather like and what will the weather be like in the coming months? What makes you think it needs to be re-potted at this time?


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Dear Norm,

Thanks a lot for the information, I guess I do not know much about bonsais yet :o , anyway mine is a Guayacan, and I bought it here in Quito Ecuador, I live in an appartement so I keep it close to the window with as much light as I can make it get ! the weather is spring year round, I know it is beautiful ! However it can get pretty chilly at nights, his branches have grown a lot since I got it, at their tips the leaves are much more green then the rest of them, the trunk it is still thin, looking at some of the trees in the gallery I guess mine is still young. I water him every three days submerging it in tap water and I try to keep it in the same sport all time. Anyway, as I said before, I really want to take good care of him, I hope I am doing the right thing

Thanks a lot!!!


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I assume you mean a 'soap-bush' ( is it, right??)?

If so, it should be outside so it gets its 'rest' (dormancy'. All perennials (deciduous, per se) need to feel the winter to maintain its genetic program(s) to keep it vigorous. If temps rarely, if ever, get below freezing, then just leave it outside (!!!!) and let it get cold - it needs such temps ;-)

It is normal for newer growth to be a bit brighter-green which slowly darkens to a deeper worries there.

Do not keep watering by placing in will lead to bad things later on probably. Water like regular pots - from 'overhead', like pouring it into the pot. It helps pull 'fresh air' into the soil which is good for the roots and microbial things in the soil. A small difference, I know, but it does matter ;-) Only water when soil is pretty much dry all the way through. (its a drought-tolerant species, of course)

Good luck with the Guayacan! I am kind of preferential to sagebrush-like plants or anything xeriscapic such as it. They are prepared to deal with drought or other things that would kill off less-hardy plants.


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