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need help in choosing bonsai

hi everyone i have just moved to uk*better than kenya for bonsai :) and was visiting some garden centers i have seen this bonsai that i love and ireally wanted to buy it but thing is i noticed that where the bonsai are being kept there were slugs alll over the place what should i do cause the tree is a chinese elm rreally big and beautiful it also very expensive £50 but will buy cause i like it thing is will the slugs be a problem

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Slugs can be a big problem. Here's what I've done in the past...

Repot the tree. Discard ALL soil and rinse the root ball of soil very well. If you can get it, use iron phosphate to clear up any stragglers that may hatch from unfound eggs. This should resolve the slug problem in that plant, but it needs to be done immediately, before it is placed with/near any other plants.

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Slugs are not hard to rid from a 'pot'. Many different ways are possible with diatomaceous earth being great for repelling them. Ground-glass around trunk will keep 'em off the tree...and then all kinds of other things are used as well. Google is full of things ;-)

As soon as the tree is in less of a damp place the slugs will be self-limiting with a minimum of effort, IME.


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I also needed some help choosing the right bonsai to be inside the living room. What type could be placed inside the house and best for living rooms?

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How much light does your living room recieve? The more light, the wider range of possibilities. The list, as far as indoor bonsai go, is near limitless, and new bonsais are always being "added". But, if you want to go with the beaten path, I'd recommend either Schefflera arboricala, or Ficus retusa. These recommendations are made not knowing the level of light in your living room (they can survive about 200-250 footcandles). But, if you have more light, thats better, because you can grow a wider range of indoor bonsai.
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