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Grape Bonsai Needs Help

I'm struggling with my grape bonsai. I've had him for about 9 months and he was doing very well until recently. We repotted him to a pot that was way too big about 3 months ago. We noticed a bunch of fruit flies all over him and felt that the pot may be retaining too much water. We decided to repot him to his original pot. Yeah, I know all of this movement can't be good for him, but there's nothing I can do about it now. He is kept indoors, gets ample sun and is watered regularly(whenever he seems to need it). I live in Southern California right near the ocean. It is typically very humid in the morning and then moderate during the day.

His bottom leaves are turning yellow and brown, but his top leaves look ok. The fruit flies mentioned above are now gone.

I'm a novice both on taking care of a bonsai as well as posting on here. I couldn't figure out how to attach pictures, but below is a site where a friend of mine let me upload a few pictures.

Can anyone lend some advice? m
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The most common mistake with most beginners is they try to keep outdoor bonsai inside. Grapes are an outdoor bonsai, and it is important you get it outside right away. You may want to wait for someone with more expiriance to show, too.

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Yes, bonsaiboy is correct. Outdoor is outdoor indoor is indoor. No matter what indoor is much "darker" than outdoor. For grape it needs a lot of direct sun light. Move your tree outside and water it when the top inch of soil is dried out.

Good luck

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What kind of soil is it in? 'Grapes' dislike soggy feet IME, and also will not really do well indoors where there is little, if any, air circulation and *direct sun*.

Leaf-drop w/ yellowing has happened to my grapes (in past) when they were wet too long, fwiw...but those were in-ground; similar concept though, I guess, if pot ain't free-draining (?).

I did not see a link to any pics unless something is up w/ browser (??)...


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