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species for fusion ?

I know people have successfully fused multiple figs, but can this be done with other species?
Intuition tells me maybe, because it seems similar to grafting to me - but I could be completely wrong.

The species I have in mind is citron - I have 2 citrons growing now (I posted about them a while back, one has since taken off and is almost 2 feet, but one is growing slowly. I think its pot is too shallow and it needs more room ).
in any case I was wondering if it was physically possible to fuse them?

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It would probably work better if you tried to graft them rather than fuse them. But I have never realy tried to fuse citrus, and it might work, as fuseing tends to work on lots of other species.

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The apple/cherry/pear family of species might work as well. This would include peaches, apricots, etc.

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