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¡Help! Bonsai Lost All Leaves

Hi I’m in the UK - it’s currently winter at the moment. I bought my bonsai in May last year. It’s been doing really well until the last month when I noticed it was loosing its leaves. I rang and emailed the shop I bought from and they told me to trim back to the green parts (I asked what this meant but I didn’t get a response). I decided to cut back all the branches leaving just the trunk. It looks hideous now and I am very upset.

Will it grow new branches and leaves again if I treat it with bonsai food. Should I persevere or just take back to shop?

Many thanks In advance

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Re: ¡Help! Bonsai Lost All Leaves

Hello Emma

It looks like mallsai. The stem looks shriveled. If it is either dry or soft, it is probably dead. If you can cut back the dead part or scratch the bark and see healthy green or white tissue underneath, then it may still be alive.

The soil looks to wet. When you cut back a plant , and force it into dormancy, you can't give it a lot of water. Check the roots. If they are soft and black they are rotten, and the plant cannot be saved.

The shop said to cut back to the green parts. I think you misunderstood and cut off all the green parts instead. They meant just to cut the parts off that were dead.
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