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Here you will find our Perennials articles collected in one spot. Check back often.

Care of a Perennial Garden
Keep your Perennials happy and your garden healthy

Basic upkeep and care of your perennials will promote healthiness and produce better results. Follow these easy steps and you'll see stunning results in your garden... read more

Designing Perennial Gardens
Experience perennial beauty with these great tips

There are few things that bring more pleasure than the return of perennials each year. Perennials, as opposed to annuals, bloom year after year (the word “perennial” is the Latin term for “perpetual”). Most perennials die back during the winter and grow up again in the spring (although some perennials remain green and even bloom during the winter months). There are, in fact, so many varieties of perennials that you are sure to find the perfect design selections for your garden... read more

Planting a Perennial Garden
Expert tips about soil, fungi, and weeds for a beautiful garden

Spring is usually the best time to purchase and plant perennials (although hardy perennials can be planted in the fall, much like bulbs. Growing perennials from seed is inexpensive, especially if you want to cover a large area. However, most perennials are now sold as plants; more mature plants make planning your design a bit more accurate and in general makes planting easier... read more