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Gardening tips: The Helpful Gardener brings the pleasure of gardening to your home. Here you will find our Lilac care articles collected in one spot. Check back often because we are constantly adding new tips, profiles, and articles.

Choosing and Growing Lilacs
Choose the right lilac for your garden

There are few flowers as beautiful and aromatic as lilacs. Lilacs, or genus Syringa, have a strong scent that fills a garden; a scent that leaves no doubt as to the source. read more

Pruning Lilacs
Transform your lilac into a vigorous attractive shrub

For the absolutely perfectly shaped lilac bush you need to prune them each year. Pruning is a very important part of growing and caring for Lilacs. While some varieties only grow 4 to 8 feet, others can reach up to 30 feet tall. Many will grow in excess of 10 feet. Pruning will not only help with shape and appearance, but also impact health and vigor and the profusion of flowers. read more

Lilac Care and Growing tips
A healthy lilac garden is easier that you may think

Lilacs are low-maintenance shrubs. They offer good summer shade after they have reached several feet tall and they provide privacy to neighboring properties. With just a little care and maintenance, and the knowledge of how to replenish the old wood with new shoots, the shrubs will last a lifetime.
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